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Do you want to offer your customers finance? Are you the supplier of equipment or a service? We can help you retain and attract new business by offering your customers finance options for your own products or services. 
Here are a few of the benefits you can enjoy from effectively selling with rental: 
Overcome funding and budget restrictions 
By quoting a monthly rental you can overcome capital expenditure budget restrictions. Leasing is a revenue expenditure and therefore does not affect capital budgets. 
Cost justify your equipment and services more efficiently 
Quoting a monthly rental means the customer can cost justify the benefit gained from the solution compared to cost. They pay for the benefit they get when they get it. 
Sell more equipment and increase order values 
Quoting monthly rental means the customer can cost justify, adding additional items to the order by comparing the incremental cost increase to the additional benefits. 
Get paid in advance and reduce risk of non-payment 
Once the equipment or service is complete and installed and in use, you are paid out in full - maximising cash flow and avoiding bad debts. 
Increase business from your existing customer base 
Customers can increase their rental to acquire additional equipment or service and change the equipment any time. Upgrading becomes easy. 
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